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What is Blaue Horde?

Founded in Vienna and originally named Art Kolkhoz in 2020 and later in 2024 renamed to Blaue Horde is an artist collective and platform for contemporary art. Core members of the collective are Nikita Sukhov, Daniil Sukhov, Michael Pöllinger and Alexey Koksharov.

Nikita Sukhov is a painter whose artistic endeavors have spanned since 2020, engaging in the creation of artworks and participating in exhibitions both locally in Austria and globally. Grounded in a background of art history studies, Sukhov brings a semi-scientific approach to his creative process, meticulously developing contexts that enrich his works.

Daniil Sukhov, an interdisciplinary artist, now channels his creative focus into the realm of filmmaking. His artistic journey, which began with explorations in conceptual art, has evolved towards cinematic expression, reflecting a continuous process of creative evolution and experimentation.

Michael Pöllinger’s artistic practice delves deep into the intricate relationships between humanity, nature, animals, and technology. With a profound reverence for nature and its materials, Pöllinger explores themes such as spirituality, civilization, and the essence of art itself. Through playful yet critical exploration, he brings forth various artworks, including paintings, sculptures, installations, performances, and interventions, each contributing to new narratives within exhibition spaces.

In his transdisciplinary practice, Alexey Koksharov delves into the realms of personal and collective memory, as well as the interplay between marginal and collective consciousness. Additionally, he reimagines the languages of contemporary visual culture, injecting fresh perspectives and innovative approaches into his creative endeavors.


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