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The lockdown has forced galleries and museums to close. But it does not mean that the world of arts has stopped. Fortunately many galleries adopted to current situation and created created virtual art exhibitions. Our last exhibitions have also been broadcasted both live and in dynamic video clips to our social media.

With this in mind, we have planned to organize 18 conceptual exhibitions in 2021 (big and small). Regardless of the quarantine situation we will try to do as much as possible of the planned program.

In our program we value conceptualism, the desire to create positive impact on respected rules of art and the social aspects. Art is very philosophical, everybody can take part in the discussion.

Some of the ideas that will be implemented in 2021:

  • Exhibition For Mama
  • Exhibition on topic of Art Brut
  • Exhibition that is going to be curated by the artificial intelligence
  • Exhibition on mathematics
  • Non curator exhibition
  • Exhibition where art of homeless people will be exhibited