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Initial STATEMENT for nomaden film

Over the last four years, we have integrated more and more different media into our events in order to better familiarize ourselves with the versatility of art.

Each expansion has always created unique opportunities to interact with like-minded people from a different discipline. It is not for nothing that they say that ideas are born where different disciplines come together.

In our attempt to make our platform even more transdisciplinary, we want to turn to the field of film. Film is a special discipline of art that can include all elements of art, depending on the interpretation. From language art to sound design and visual art.

For this purpose, we are establishing a separate branch of our small organisation that will deal exclusively with film. Freedom, movement and adventure are some of the keywords for the new stage of our collective.

Despite their nomadic lifestyles and diverse backgrounds, nomads often possess a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of humanity and the world. This fosters a strong call for unity among people, as they recognize common challenges and emphasize collaboration as essential for overcoming them. With this in mind we introduce Nomaden Film Produktion (ZVR-Zahl 1192201008).

Nomaden Film’s main areas of activity for the foreseeable future will be the organisation of film festivals and the production of its own films.

-Daniil Sukhov